Future Learning Syllabus

Game: https://finn-malan.itch.io/farther-in

Website: https://fartherin.netlify.app/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/finn_malan


Designs - https://twitter.com/finn_malan/status/1627746410685927424

Unity - https://twitter.com/finn_malan/status/1627708333192003585

Music - https://twitter.com/finn_malan/status/1595593800390529024

Course Description:

In this course, students will explore the technologies that are shaping our future through hands-on projects that utilize AI, code, Unity, and social media. Through a combination of lectures, discussions, and project work, students will learn about the latest advancements in AI, gaming, and social media and have the opportunity to apply these technologies to enhance learning in a variety of contexts. Students will also consider the ethical and societal implications of these technologies.

Course Goals:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Course Topics:

Course Format:

This course will be delivered through a combination of lectures, discussions, and project work. Students will be expected to participate in class discussions, complete readings and assignments outside of class, and work on a project as part of a team. There will also be opportunities for students to engage with experts in the field and receive feedback on their projects.


Assessment in this course will be based on a combination of the following:

Texts and Materials:


Week 1: Game definition, account creation, tool introduction
        Deliverable: none 

Week 2: Game creation: Image generation
        Deliverable: Text HTML Website (home and blog)

Week 3: Game creation: AI text generation
        Deliverable: Text HTML Website (home and blog)

Week 4: Game announcement launch
        Deliverable: Social media calendar and launch posts
        - 5 Tweets, 1 Youtube

Week 5: AI tech support - using AI to write code
        Deliverable: Unity project checkin

Week 6: Game presentation
        Deliverable: Presentation

Week 7: Social media support
        Deliverable: Following and subscription lists

Week 8: AI limitations
        Deliverable: Found AI bugs 

Week 9: Gathering feedback
        Deliverable: Game demo and feedback

Week 10: Game building and sharing
        Deliverable: Unity project checkin

Week 11: Game building and sharing
        Deliverable: Unity project checkin

Week 12: Game demo launch
        Deliverable: Playable game demo


Policy on Academic Integrity:

Plagiarism, cheating, or any other form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated in this course. All work submitted must be original and properly cited, as per the guidelines outlined in the student handbook. Any instances of academic dishonesty will be reported and may result in a failing grade for the assignment or the course.

Student Support Services:

If you are in need of accommodations due to a disability, please contact the Disability Services Office.

If you are experiencing personal or academic challenges that are affecting your performance in this course, please reach out to the Student Counseling Center for support.

I hope this revised syllabus provides a helpful outline for your course on Future Learning! Please let me know if you have any further questions or need any additional information.